Riverston Tower excursion from the wind gap or “Hulang Kapolla”

Exactly 1 km from the resort at the 26th km post on the main road is Riverston junction where the car park and the start of the most visited and the famous excursion on paved not so difficult path winding up “Riverston Hill” mountain to the Riverston Tower. The journey by foot is about 30 minutes to the tower passing 2 Windgaps with gusty winds during windy season. One situated at the start in the car park area and the other about halfway up. A really enjoyable walk during windy season but extreme care has to be taken when passing the second wind gap up the mountain path especially with children. Wind is a very enjoyable treat along the journey if visitors are careful about children and themselves and not to move away from the walking path even for photographs during Windy season (May to September). In instances of thick mist More care should be taken to avoid danger by only walking on the paved road. Along the journey upto the peak breathtaking views of the Knuckles mountains and a vast area now added to the picturesque view is Moragahakanda and Kaluganga Reservoirs at a distance. At the summit to peaks Can be visited and both have different viewpoints showing different categories of views around. The walk is through pure unspoiled nature and very comforting as the path is a paved road and the walk is comfortable. It may become very cold towards the Summit and taking warm clothing or sweaters is recommended.

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