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Situation and Scenery

The Riverston Grand is a luxury boutique Resort built in an amazing view point which has a dual Concept for luxury accommodation as individual rooms and Suites or the full Resort for groups. The location of The Riverston Grand is unique with many factors combined for a nature resort a visitor will expect. Up on the Riverston Hill surrounded by the knuckles rainforest and wilderness having the most beautiful view as far as covering several districts.

The rooms can accommodate from one to four persons and the suites can accommodate from a couple upto 7 persons per suite. For groups the entire resort can accommodate upto 30 guests. A selection of set menus to select all three meals by a variety of Menu’s serving Sri Lankan, Western, vegetarian and traditional meals, bites(starters), hot bites and the most preferred no cholesterol healthy but tasty bites. Take away food packs arranged for guests going out on excursions.

While in The Riverston Grand visitors can relax and enjoy the panoramic breathtaking view from the resort watching the patterns of the clouds forming below, gusty winds, cold climate, serene wilderness, while seeing the canopies of the trees in many colours and many shades of green until when the mist decide to take its turn you see nothing but thick mist even inside the resort, if you let it come in.

All panoramic excursions can start with a visit to the Riverston Tower just 50 minute nature walk from the resort or 10 minutes’ drive to the Riverston Junction and a 40 minute nature walk to the tower. Then a visit to famous “Pitawala Patana” and the “Mini World’s End”, bathe pure water in the famous “Telgamu Oya”, visit “Sera Ella” and “Moragahakanda Reservoir” or “Kaluganga Reservoir”. The most loved excitement of visiting “Wasgamuwa” wildlife sanctuary for a wildlife Safari or visit “Mahiyangana” to visit the famous Buddhist Vihara and “Dambana” to see the indigenous people of Sri Lanka “the Veddas”.

Trekking: A nature trail start from the “The Riverston Grand” to the “Riverston Tower “. These two points have a nature trail through jungle and mountain and an easy walking path on another direction. Several other famous nature trails in the area such as trail to “Manigala” the famous flat mountain and trail to historical “Lakegala” is also exciting. “Manigala” is famous among Europeans and westerners as a place of high “Vishwa Shakti” or nature energy, so they come to gain the benefits of this energy. Sri Lanka Forest Department approved Trackers can be arranged for guiding and trekking for excursions on request.

Just a few kilometers from The Riverston Grand to Midlands Tea Estate’s tea factory visit is an additional flavor to the journey.