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About Our Resort

About us

Built in the year 1965 by a renowned entrepreneur, located in a stunning view point, The Riverston Grand is a nature resort situated in the center of Riverston very close to the 25th kilometer post on the Riverston main road just 1 km before the 26 km post which is the Riverston Junction known as “Hulang Kapolla” also the entrance to the first to find and most popular attraction in Riverston known as “The Riverston Tower”.

The Riverston Grand’s environment, surroundings and the climate is exactly what Riverston has to offer with very cold weather during the day and sometimes dropping below 16 degrees centigrade towards the evening. The resort is in the wind path of Riverston thus making the windy season from May to September the best experience one could have. At times covered buy mist which even comes inside the resort when the doors are open.