Thelgamu Oya

A vehicle ride of 20- to 30 minutes through the spectacular main Riverston road takes you to the famous bathing places of Thelgamu Oya. The water so clear and pure with an endemic fish variety “Galpandiya” can be seen. This fish is known to be found only in the streams of the knuckles range. A comfortable fish therapy free of charge when you dip your feet into the water, revitalizes and refreshes you after a natural eco bath in this cold stream. This stream flows from the knuckles massif of central Sri Lanka and joins the beautiful Sera Ella water fall down stream. The stream is one of the most amazing freshwater streams of Sri Lanka, with clean gushing water and many natural rock pools. Some of the still pools are deep, while others are shallow making them perfect as bathing or swimming holes. The shady hollows formed as the stream flows under trees, bubbling over rocks, makes Thelgamuwa Oya a very relaxing place to visit.

The deeper pools of Thelgamuwa Oya are dangerous to swim or dive, but have many fish. The quiet chirp of birds and soft murmur of water makes it a peaceful relaxing place. Thelgamuwa Oya is a good place to visit and bathe when taking a relaxing break during your holiday in Riverston. But it is very important for your safety to bathe only in designated bathing areas and not to bathe or even get in any place that has a danger sign which says to avoid bathing. Fishing is strictly prohibited in this stream as it is in a forest conservation.

Book a Forest Department Registered Guide(Trekker) for a detailed tour of your excursion. Tour Vehicles and Safari Jeeps arranged on request.

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