Pitawala Patana and Mini World’s End

Pitawala Patana or Pitawala thenna plain is the second largest plain in Sri Lanka next to Horton Plains in Nuwara Eliya. About 8km or about a 20 minutes’ drive from the resort will take you to Pitawala Patana. After obtaining tickets from the Forest Department ticket counter and parking your vehicles in the car park visitors can start the walk on Pitawala Patana which is an easy enjoyable walk along a nature trail where one can see miles and miles around beautiful unspoiled knuckles range, grass lands, mountain peaks, valleys and cliffs. The walk on Pitawala Patana is more exciting during the windy season (May to September) when one feels a push while walking up and a resistance while walking down which is very safe and exciting as long as you are walking on the nature trail on the Patana( plain grass land) without walking on the cliff edges or away from the trail. In Pitawala Pathana a grass cover spreads over an area of about 10 ha of a gently sloping rock slab covered with just a thin soil layer. The turf grass of about 10 cm in height gives a velvety appearance to this sloping expanse of grassland. Isolated and scattered trees and shrubs could be seen. Many endemic plant and animal species are found.

Kuda Lokanthaya or Mini worlds end: after about a 750meter walk along Pitawala Patana which takes about 15 to 20 minutes along the nature trail brings you to Kuda Lokanthaya or Mini World’s End, which is a deep escarpment situated at Pitawala Pathana. It resembles a small version of the world famous World's End in Horton Plains. This place grants a panoramic view of the Knuckles Range and some of its valleys below. The designated nature trail leads the visitors easily to the escarpment. From there it is possible to walk along to the rock extrusion which allows one to walk right up to the edge. There are two such extrusions here which are famous viewpoints. During the windy season visitors should take extreme care when walking upto the edges of the rock extrusions. On any season our advice is visitors should only crawl at the edge of the rock extrusion view point to see a beautiful sight below while being safe yourself.

From the main road from Riverston tower entrance and upto Pitawala Patana many famous mountain peaks can be seen. These peaks can be clearly seen from the Riverston Tower the most famous peak Lakegala the highest bare rock outcrop in the world with prehistoric values. “Manigala” the giant Manigala Ridge also known as “mountain of the sleeping giant, as it resembles a sleeping giant”. Manigala having a wide long ridge situated as a landing path itself has a valuable historic past described by many Historians. Very high in nature energy or “Vishwa Shakthi” Manigala is visited by Europeans and Westerners regularly just for the purpose of obtaining the benefits of the highly concentrated nature energy or Vishwa shakthi. Among the many peaks see are the five peaks of the knuckles mountains.

All peaks in the knuckles range: There are nine peaks over 1200 meters (4000 ft) in Knuckles Range. The highest peak, "Gombaniya" is 1906 meters (6248 Ft). Highest of knuckle shaped five peaks is at 1864m while Knuckles-Kirigalpotta 1647m (not to be confused with Horton Plains Kirigalpotta, 2nd highest peak of Sri Lanka), Aliyawetunaela 1647m, Dumbanagala 1644m, Yakungegala 1586m, Dothalugala 1575m, Wamarapugala 1559m, Koboneelagala 1555m, Kalupahana (Thunthisgala) 1628m, Rilagala 1605m, Telambugala 1331m, Lakegala 1310m, Maratuwegala 1190m, Balagiriya 1148m, Velangala 1180m , Lahumanagala 1114m, Kinihirigala 1068m, and Lunumadalla 1060m are among the other peaks.

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